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From the iconic temples, squares and artwork of Beijing to the agricultural plains and rock formations bordering the Yangtze River, luxury tours of China are an incredible experience for seasoned travelers. Cities, such as: Xi'an, Chengdu and Kunming, provide a fascinating glimpse at present and past with strolls through characterful hutong districts just as memorable as marveling at Qin Shi Huang's world-famous Terracotta Army. Follow an incredible path of architectural skill and ingenuity ranging from the shimmering skyscrapers of Shanghai to one of the most awe-inspiring feats of construction on the planet, the Great Wall. Jade Buddahs, Olympic arenas, forbidden cities and incredible scenery, make luxury vacations in China an absolute thrill which will resonate for many years to follow.

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Ageless China

China is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations and some of its most spectacular sights lie in its Middle Kingdom. Discover the Forbidden City in Beijing with an expert local guide. Then explore the narrow streets of “Old Town” on a special rickshaw excursion. Ascend via gondola to a less-visited section...

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12 days from $7,245
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Finding Shangri-La: China

Travel off the beaten track in China, through a landscape dominated by bamboo and rice terraces. Visit the beautiful and historic city of Hangzhou with your guide. Let Guilin’s gorgeous terrain inspire you, as it has moved poets and painters for centuries. See the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lijiang against a...

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17 days from $9,445
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Ancient Trades: The Silk Road

Begin your Silk Road journey in Xi’an with a special guided visit to the world-famous army of Terracotta Warriors. Explore caves full of sacred artistic treasures in the Silk Road oases of Dunhuang, Urumqi and Turpan. Then venture further off the beaten path into the wild, untouched landscapes of Kyrgyzstan....

18 days from $11,890
  • Grand Expeditions
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Legendary China (14 Days)

China. A land as old as the stars – and as modern as the skyscrapers which form its cities’ skylines. Here among ancient gardens and silent sentinels of the past, you’ll find an infectious vibrancy, as well as a gentle reverence.

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14 days from $7,990
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