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Mysteries of Easter Island

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Journey Overview

Destinations: Santiago | Easter Island | Valparaiso | Maipo Valley

Hotels: The Singular Lastarria Santiago, Explora Rapa Nui or Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Experience an extraordinary adventure to one of the most isolated and remote places on Earth—Easter Island. Uncover the mysterious history of this breathtaking locale and explore the culture of the island and its Rapa Nui people under the guidance of resident archaeologists. Stand within feet of the iconic Moai statues as you hypothesize about their unknown origins and purpose, which mystify researchers to this day. The captivating story that surrounds this astounding UNESCO World Heritage site will stay with you for years to come. Following your visit, admire the colonial architecture of Valparaiso and indulge in century-old vintages among the vineyards of the Maipo Valley.

Journey Pace: Active & Challenging 

  • Walk among the prehistoric monuments on Easter Island
  • View the 15 massive and mysterious standing Moais at Tongariki Ahu
  • Explore some of the 300 giant carvings at the Rano Raraku quarry
  • Hike in Rano Kau Crater of the once-active volcano
  • Discover the cultural highlights of Santiago and Valparaiso
  • Sample the world-renowned wines of the Maipo Valley
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Tour Details

Departure Information

  • Starts any day except Mondays
  • January to December
  • 7 days from $6,800
  • Intra-Tour Air: $1,500
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