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Overland Adventures

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Cultural Mongolia and the Naadam Festival

Be an honored guest at the Naadam Festival and observe traditional Mongolian sports. On this unique Journey, surrounded by stunning landscapes and a unique cultural heritage, you'll leave everything you thought you knew about the world behind.

16 days from $14,980
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Spirit of the Himalayas

From soaring Himalayan peaks and deep valleys to rolling hills and dense forests, this overland adventure is a photographer’s dream. Explore Dharamsala, visit Amritsar’s stunning Golden Temple, and engage with the friendly locals.

17 days from $8,980
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Ultimate Botswana

Botswana is the Africa of dreams, where baby elephants splash in shallow deltas, cheetahs sprint across vast plains in pursuit of gazelle, and herds of game play out life's great struggle before your eyes.

15 days from $20,980
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Wonders of Persia

Explore one of the oldest civilizations on Earth as you journey back in time to discover an Iran which most do not know. Generations of conquest and trade have left a cultural treasure trove replete with magnificent ruins, glorious mosques, and a long and rich history.

13 days from $10,580
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