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Private Jet Icons Flying by a luxury private jet offers all the essentials of personalized travel — flexible schedules, landings at airports close to both major and remote destinations, and the ultimate in comfort, convenience, service, and safety. Fly on a Boeing 757 private jet with 2X2 VIP-style seating customized for only 78 travelers. A knowledgeable expedition team will enhance your experience with one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the travel industry: 1 to 5.

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Around the World by Luxury Private Jet - Select Escapes

Relax at your own pace. Select Escapes take on our classic Around the World trip features the best accommodations and more time in each destination to tailor your itinerary to be as dynamic or relaxing as you choose. Lounge in your over-water bungalow overlooking the tranquil turquoise lagoons...

23 days from $117,000
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Around the World Classic by Luxury Private Jet - Signature Expeditions

Individually, every destination on this Around the World itinerary would top any traveler’s must-see list. Combined they create a journey that is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

24 days from $76,950
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Cuba and South America by Luxury Private Jet - Signature Expeditions

Join us on a 20-day private jet journey that delves into the sights, sounds and tastes of Cuba, as well as iconic South American destinations.

Journey Pace: Active

20 days from $65,950
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Islands Around the World by Luxury Private Jet

Islands Around the World is a trip rich with culture, adventure and seemingly endless surf and sun. Enjoy a heady mix of paradises, from remote Vanuatu and the stunning Maldives to the rich culture and history of Sri Lanka and Zanzibar.

24 days from $79,950
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