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Grand Expeditions

Grand Expeditions​Grand Expeditions®, is a collection of extraordinary and unique travel providers commited to delivering unforgettable journeys to some of the most unique and exotic destinations around the globe.  Wherever you choose to go and however you choose to get ther, with Grand Expeditions you can rely on the overall experience being unrivaled in the world of luxury travel.

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Ancient Trades: The Silk Road

Begin your Silk Road journey in Xi’an with a special guided visit to the world-famous army of Terracotta Warriors. Explore caves full of sacred artistic treasures in the Silk Road oases of Dunhuang, Urumqi and Turpan. Then venture further off the beaten path into the wild, untouched landscapes...

18 days from $11,890
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Crater to Plain: Safaris of Kenya & Tanzania

Experience the wonders of East Africa on this captivating journey through Kenya and Tanzania. Begin in the lively city of Nairobi, then explore to the expansive Amboseli plains to search for buffalo, bushbuck, eland, leopard, bush pig, reedbuck and giraffe. In Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s...

12 days from $16,190
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Darwin's Galápagos: Ecuador

Visit colorful, vibrant Quito before embarking on an extraordinary seven-day Galapagos Islands cruise aboard the beautiful M/Y Grace. Explore Darwin’s “enchanted islands” accompanied by an onboard naturalist guide, and observe an amazing variety of wildlife and countless fish and bird species....

11 days from $9,995
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Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Venture off the beaten path to discover the wonders of Papua New Guinea. Begin your journey in the capital of Port Moresby and delve into the artistic traditions of the country’s indigenous people at the National Museum. Travel to the Southern Highlands to meet the colorful Huli Wigmen, whose...

9 days from $6,795
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Mythical Machu Picchu: Perú

From the rich culture of Lima to the ancient Incan traditions of the Urubamba Valley and the historical importance of Cusco, your journey builds until you reach the heights of these mesmerizing legends that live in the mists of Machu Picchu. Lima is home to several extensive collections of pre-...

9 days from $6,295
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ThaiCamLao Discovery

Thailand, Cambodia and Laos together showcase a stunning array of art, culture and history. Observe the dramatic contrast between the modern world and the timeless splendor of the temples of Bangkok. From the heights of Doi Suthep, take in panoramic views of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Laos...

13 days from $8,345
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The Rhythmic Charms of South America

Succumb to the hypnotic charms of southern Latin America as you explore the best of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Discover Rio de Janeiro, from its bustling streets to the lively beach culture along the coast. Enjoy stunning views as you gaze on the city from atop Sugar Loaf Mountain....

13 days from $10,440
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Transylvania: Then & Now

Venture off the beaten path on this unique journey through Transylvania. Begin your travels in Bucharest, a city of elegant buildings and a vibrant café culture that once earned it the nickname “Little Paris.” In the Carpathian Mountains, explore Dracula’s Castle and stroll the cobblestone...

8 days from $7,895
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