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Travel Smarter

Today’s travelers are packing more than guide books and toiletries. As technology expands, we are turning more and more to smart phones for smart travel. To make the most of your next journey, here’s a list of some apps for savvy and connected travelers.

7 Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Travel smarter with smart phones

Holy Cannoli!

Arguable the best-known Sicilian pastry, the cannolo (cannolu in Sicilian) takes its name from its long, tubular shape; canna is Latin for “reed”, a hollow grass-like plant. Since the Middle Ages, these crusty, cream-filled tubes of delicious goodness have been a staple in Italy. Originating in from the Palermo area, cannoli were first associated with Carnevale, Italian Mardi Gras.

How to Make Traditional Cannoli

Top 2015 Luxury Travel Experiences


If you’re like most world travelers, every journey’s end begs the question “where to next?” From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Wonders of the World, there is so much magic to behold, so much mystery yet to be discovered. As you begin to ponder the next stamp in your passport, let us offer you a glimpse of our favorite destinations and experiences for 2015:

Where will the future take you?

Go Farther


Where do you go if you’ve already been everywhere? What’s next for the person who has already seen the Mona Lisa or climbed the Spanish Steps? For avid travelers like you, now is the time to go further than ever before and explore the world in a way only known to a select few.

Small-Ship Cruises Offer Larger-Than-Life Experiences


On the deck of the Road to Mandalay the evening is still. There is no sound except the water lapping at the hull, nothing to see but the countless stars that pepper the night sky. Up ahead a twinkling of light appears—evidence of a far-off city? An approaching ship? A nighttime mirage? It’s hard to tell until the ship finally catches up with the dream. Then, in the middle of the Irrawaddy River, there are thousands of candles floating on banana leaves encircling the ship and its awe-struck passengers.

A Season to Fall For


Every season offers a world of experiences—from springtime in Amsterdam to Christmas in Germany—but to get the most of your next journey timing is everything. At Travcoa, we strive to pair the perfect itinerary with the best season in which to experience it. After all, while Rome in April may be lovely, at the height of summer it can be downright oppressive.

Why autumn may be the ideal time for travel

A restaurant in Germany

The Experiences of a Lifetime


We’ve often heard it said, “That was the trip of a lifetime.” But how do we choose which journey exceeds all the others? And when did our experiences become so singular?

Adding to the sum of your travels

Independent Journeys


We all have different ways we like to explore the world.  Some like the camaraderie of group travel, where new friends are made and experiences are shared, while others prefer the intimacy of being with those closest to them. Travcoa’s Independent Journeys are ideal for couples, families and friends traveling together. Like a typical Escorted Journey, each element of your time away is considered and planned for you, but instead of joining together with a larger group, you are traveling with the companions of your choosing.

Travel in the company of your choosing

Up, Up and Away


The View of Africa from the Window Seat


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