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About Us

A Tradition of Excellence in Luxury Travel

Since 1954, Travcoa has paved the way to some of the most remote regions on Earth. We were first to bring guests to places where others had not previously ventured. Along the way, we befriended village chieftains, dignitaries and government officials who opened doors long closed to Western travelers.

Our very first journey traveled overland through the Khyber Pass along the ancient Silk Route. In Nepal, we were able to stay at the Maharajah's palace in Kathmandu. In Zaire, our gorilla tracking safari was led by Pygmy guides. In Antarctica, we initiated charter flights aboard military aircraft and stayed in a research station. In the Gobi Desert, we arranged to explore sites where dinosaur eggs and bones were discovered. We brought the first Westerners to the Trobriand Islands, West Irian Jaya, Sakhalin Island, the Falkland Islands and Oman.

Since then, we have continued to pioneer not only new destinations, but also new ways of exploring and discovering the world. We believe that travel is made better by the people you meet along the way, the epicurean delights that satisfy the soul, the places you stay that pamper your spirit and the things you experience that enrich your mind.

Travcoa is a member in good standing of USTOA and participates in its $1 Million travelers Assistance Program.

It is with this tradition of excellence and our commitment to deliver unique experiences that we continue to develop engaging journeys and bring you the very best ways to see the world. Please join us as we continue to explore the world's most extraordinary and enriching places in uncompromising luxury and style.

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